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The Struggles At Home: Cycles of Domestic Violence with Su Bhuhi MBE

Aanchal Women’s Aid was founded by Su Bhuhi when a woman needed support to safeguard her children from being taken to South Asia against her will. Su, a survivor herself, took a stand to help protect the women and her children from further harm. We provide support and services to help people who face challenging life situations so that they can understand their rights and make informed choices. Aanchal continues to grow from strength to strength. We never lose sight of the person that knocks on our door and their needs. We listen and we understand. We have helped over 40,000 women since 1984.

Su joins me on the show to discuss The story behind the name ‘Aanchal’ and why the women who use the service chose it. She shares why her move into helping other women was an organic process that was rooted in the love and support of her parents when she was suffering from domestic violence. Su also describes how Aanchal supports women and children who are suffering from domestic violence, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We should be able to make our decisions in life, we should be able to learn ... the impact of barriers are just as great today, as they were in the 70s for me." - Su Bhuhi

Today on The Community Safety Podcast:

● Su’s experience of living in different cultures, her experience of diverse ways of living and meeting different people with different beliefs, and values, and why she loves celebrating that experience

● Su’s personal experience of domestic abuse and why she felt so isolated when she was suffering

● How’s Su’s father supported her in her choices despite the norms of the South East Asian community at that time

● The interpretation of the idea of ‘honour’ in South East Asian communities

● Why there are still barriers to women seeking help when they are experiencing domestic abuse

● The training that Aanchal undertakes with institutions to help them recognise domestic abuse

● Why COVID-19 has exacerbated violence in the home

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