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How a Neighborhood Watch Connects a Community with CEO John Hayward-Cripps

John is a former director and interim CEO of Victim Support and has worked for various charities at senior levels across England for over 20 years. John’s aim as CEO of Neighbourhood Watch is to build on the fantastic history and achievements and help the movement move forward to gain new and diverse membership and strengthen communities by embracing modern technology while keeping true to the foundations of Neighbourhood Watch.

John joins me on the Community Safety Podcast to share how fantastic the Neighbourbood Watch volunteers are and how just ordinary members of the community are doing extraordinary things. He describes how he has been careful to ensure that those people who aren't online have stayed connected within neighborhood watch and their community. John also shares how Neighbourhood Watch makes it easier to volunteer whether they want to dip in and out of projects or make a longer-term commitment.

"We all actually live in our communities and are there all the time. So the information I think the volunteers can provide to the police is invaluable.." - John Hayward Cripps

Today on The Community Safety Podcast:

● John’s strong sense of community and why helping his community was a strong part of how he grew up

● His career as a youth worker and a social worker working closely with police forces investigating child protection issues

● What kind of people volunteer for Neighbourhood Watch

● Why there has there's been an upsurge in people wanting to get involved, and how they have facilitated that during the pandemic

● The importance of the relationship between the Police and the Neighbourhood Watch

● Current Neighbourhood Watch projects

Connect with John Hayward Cripps:

Connect with The Community Safety Podcast:

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