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Anti-Social Behaviour and Proactive Partnerships with Tracy Jones

Tracy Jones has over 15 years of experience working with antisocial behaviour and community safety services. She worked for Manchester City Council and Wigan Council, successfully managing teams within local authority and social housing areas, including frontline ASB services and ASB enforcement case management service. Tracy now works in the learning and development industry as a digital learning consultant at Me Learning, providing digital learning solutions to public sector clients to create learning that unlocks workforce potential.

Tracy joins me today to share details of her work for Manchester Council, how they became a leading ASB service, the key partners that they worked with to tackle antisocial behaviour in the community, and how they built and nurtured relationships with their partners to improve outcomes in their area. She explains why she was attracted to working in the field of antisocial behaviour and how her career has developed over the years. Tracy also discusses some of the situations that she saw which led to women being abused and the factors that contributed to that abuse being widespread in particular communities.

The key point, in terms of partnership and multi-agency working, is information sharing, but it's also about maximizing resources. We're all there to deliver shared outcomes.”- Tracy Jones

Today on The Community Safety Podcast:

● How Tracy avoided getting involved in gang culture as a child and young woman growing up in Salford

● The key things that prevent vulnerable teens from being drawn into drugs and violence

● What the term ‘antisocial behaviour’ really means in practical terms

● The importance of multi-agency collaboration in the ASB arena

● The impact on the mental health and family life of an ASB Officer, including Anti-Social: The secret diary of an anti-social behaviour officer by Nick Pettigrew

● The most satisfying case that Tracy was involved with how she got a positive result for the community and how she managed the complexities of that case both personally and professionally

● The complexities added to the role of an ASB practitioner during the COVID-19 pandemic

● Tracy’s new role as a learning consultant and how she provides digital learning to councils and public sector organizations across the UK.

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