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Police Science: Why Policing Needs to Evolve with Dr Suzanne Knabe-Nichol

Dr Susanne Knabe-Nichol is an Investigative Psychologist and founder of Police Science Dr. She translates research findings into videos that can easily be understood by those without academic journal subscriptions or a degree in psychology or criminology. She has an MSc and a PhD in Investigative Psychology, and interviews academics, police professionals, and others who can provide value through sharing their knowledge and experience, and publish these as videos. Suzanne has an extensive background in working with UK police forces, in roles as varied as Police Community Support Officer, Investigator, Researcher, and Improvement & Evaluations Coordinator.

Suzanne joins me on the show to share when she first noticed a need for a platform that combines academic research in the field of policing with the ease of access and digestibility for operational officers. She discusses how she combined her academic career with the practical side of policing and the insight both of those roles gave her when creating Police Science Dr. Suzanne also shares her thoughts with me on her views on mental health in policing and what issues and concerns that she has come across in her research.

"There's so much knowledge that's being shared by academics amongst academics — which is very frustrating because it's actually the operational officers who are working in policing on the streets and with people, with members of the public, with victims, with offenders, who need to know about it." - Suzanne Knabe-Nichol

Today on The Community Safety Podcast:

● Suzanne’s practical experience of working as a police community support officer in Notting Hill, London, with the Metropolitan Police

● How and why Suzanne combined her career in academic research with the practicalities of policing

● The importance of leaders in the Police Force recognising when team members need help and support with their mental health and acting to care for their team and signpost them to appropriate services

● We dive into Evidence-Based Policing, what does it mean and what does it entail?

● Whether Suzanne has found through her research that the police are efficient at sharing effective projects and initiatives early or whether Police Forces tend to hold back from sharing new ideas

● Why it is vital to give complex issues around policing time to embed and develop

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