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Knife Crime-How the Media Affects Our Children with Alison Cope, in association with Staffordshire P

The biggest trauma Alison Cope has ever faced was losing her son Joshua to knife crime in 2013, but she uses her resilience and strength to educate and support others in seeing a future beyond negative experiences. Alison presents the Joshua Ribera Achievement Awards that recognises and celebrates the achievements of young people who are not in mainstream education. Alison has also worked with West Midlands Police, Staffordshire Police, Hertfordshire Police, and Crimestoppers along with keynote speaking and lecturing at Birmingham and Nottingham universities

Alison joins me on the podcast to share how Joshua had turned his life around and had evolved from writing about violence to focusing on positivity, working hard, and loving his family. She discusses why negative imagery in music is so dangerous to children and young people and why it is such a problem that it is so widely available on social media. Alison also share with me what happened on the day in September 2013 when Josh was murdered, and the moment that she realised how powerful her voice could be and why she decided to devote her life to helping young people

"It’s Joshua’s life that inspires and his death educates. My focus isn't Joshua's death, my focus is Joshua's life, and to inspire young people to see a future with hope, regardless of their past.." - Alison Cope

Today on The Community Safety Podcast:

● Alison’s upbringing and why it gave her the strength and determination to fight forwards

● Why the traumas that Alison faced growing up helped her to help Joshua, and see past challenging behaviour and see to the core of a young person

● The traumatic event that threw Joshua off the rails at 13 years old

● Elements that led to Joshua’s custodial sentence and why Alison feels that it was a blessing in disguise

● Joshua’s involvement in the grime scene and how he became so successful as a lyricist

● Alison’s feelings about the man who killed her son and why she would like to meet him

● Alison’s thoughts on how to reduce knife crime in this country and how she works with young people to change the mindset around violence

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